Find Dialog

The find option helps the users to find the files on WinFTP Pro software. It has the three main usages, where the users can find out the files, filter the list while finding, and control the finding process anytime by the buttons. Here is How to use the Find Dialog in WinFTP Pro Software under […]

Custom Command Editor

How to use the Editor custom editor command, here are the steps This “Custom Command Editor” dialog is available, while you are adding or editing the custom command from the page of all commands under the Preferences dialog. Alternatively, you can see the command when you enter the “ad hoc custom command.” Over here are […]

The Editors Page (Preferences Dialog)

The editor’s page under the Preferences Dialog is mainly used to configure the options for the external editors and the order of the editor preferences. While using the WinFTP software, you may need to do extra settings for other editors; this option helps you to do all settings with ease. Below are the further details […]

The SCP/Shell Page (Advanced Site Settings dialog)


You will find the SCP/Shell Page on the “Advanced Site Settings dialog.” This option allows you to configure the shell specific options. Most of the time, it helps WinFTP Pro software to modify the remote environment, which helps to match the requirements. Also, the main use of these options is to while you are working […]

The Environment Page (Preferences Dialog)

The environment page (Preferences Dialog) allows the users to configure the behavioural options of the WinFTP Pro software interface. Apart from the main option, there are more behavioral options available on the subpages, which are as below- Interface Window Panels Commander Explorer Languages As a next part, you can refer to the documentation of the […]

Internal Text Editor

The WinFTP Pro software has a very simple text editor, which is completely integrated and known as the internal text editor.  All the commands and operating are very easy like, the other MS Office files work. The users can simply use this option the edit the remote and local Text files. Alternatively, if you wish […]