Transfer Settings Dialog

You can use the Transfer Settings Dialog to configure the followings:

Here are the default transfer settings

  • Settings, which are available for Uploading and downloading the files.
  • The transfer settings dialog, mainly for functions like Synchronize and Keeping remote directory updated.

Below are some of the features of the custom transfer option

  1. Transfer Mode
  2. Filename Modification
  3. Attributes
  • Upload Options
  • Download Options
  • Common Options
  1. Other Options
  2. Transfer Mode
  • In this mode, you can use the transfer mode and select the transfer mode based on your preferences.
  • You must update all the text files mask while transfer if you are selecting the automatic mode.
  • You cannot use this option in ‘WebDAV’ and ‘S3 Protocols’.
  1. Filename Modification
  • Select the way how you want to covert the filename case while transferring the files.
  • It is useful with the “case-sensitive file-system” like UNIX and Windows to transfer the files.
  • You can use the replace “\:*?” checkbox, which allows the automatic modification of the files name to get it matched with the requirements of windows.

On download, WinFTP Pro:

  • The character can be replaced, which are not allowed under the windows files name (/\:*?\” <>|) with %XX, [ XX denotes the hexadecimal representation of character ASCII code]
  • The trailing space can be replaced with %20
  • The trailing dot can be replaced with %2E
  • %00 can be added at the end of each name with a reserved meaning under windows (For example- PRN or NUL)
  • WinFTP Pro always reverses the modifications on up uploads, because it restores the original file’s name.
  1. Attributes

Upload Options

  • Using the checkbox of set permission allows you to define the permissions, which can be set for uploaded files.
  • The unchecked files uploaded newly will have some basic/default permissions.

Download Options

  • The checkbox called, “Preserve Read-Only” enables the WinFTP pro software to set the “Read-Only” permission while downloading the files.
  • You will not find the option if the server is unable to support the “UNIX-Styled” permissions.

Common Options

  • The timestamp called Preserve enables WinFTP Pro to preserve the previous/last amendments timestamp of each file that is transferred.
  • You should check all the sub-options along with the directories if you want to reserve the last/recent changes timestamps of the directories.
  1. Other Options
  • You must specify the Files mask to choose the files (Files type) and the directories if you opt for the transfer.
  • Using this option, you will select the files for the synchronization process and keeping the remote directories updated and functioning.
  • The Edit button will help you edit the file mask in the “File mask dialog.”
  • On the option of the checkbox can make the WinFTP Pro software to omit the files in the source directories.
  • For this, the existing file will be the target directory which will have a similar/new timestamp.
  • Check the Exclude files which are hidden if you wish to exclude the hidden and the files from synchronization and transfer.

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