In this guide, we will learn about ui_synchronize Dialog usage and steps. In the synchronize Dialog, you will find the direction of selection and more options for synchronization. Go the Commands>Synchronize, or you can click on the toolbar button for the complete process.

Over here are the most useful options, which come under synchronize Dialog

  1. Directories
  2. Direction/Target directory
  3. Mode
  4. Synchronize Options
  5. Comparison Criteria
  6. Saving Options
  7. Transfer Settings
  8. Starting in New Window
  1. Directories

  1. Direction/Target directory

  1. Mode

  1. Synchronize Options

Note: If you have not selected the directory, this option will remain unavailable for you.

  1. Comparison Criteria

  1. Saving Options

  1. Transfer Settings

  1. Starting in New Window