The Updates/Statistics Page (Preferences Dialog)

The Updates/Statistics page option can be seen under the Preferences Dialog of WinFTP Pro software. This option will help you to configure the updates of the application.

Note: Most of the options are not available on the page in Microsoft Store installation. You can see there the page name is Statistics.

Below are some more details and option associated with the updates page

  1. Automatic Updates
  2. Options
  3. Connection
  1. Automatic Updates

  • You can specify the email address of your PayPal account if you are sending your donation form. Being a donor, you can use this option “Email address authorized to automatic updates.”
  • This process will enable the installation of the application updates automatically.
  • When you have submitted the Preferences Dialog, WinFTP Pro will be verifying the email address and will display the error, in case the given address isn’t authorized to the automatic updates.
  • If you have not installed the WinFTP Pro software using the Official Installer, this option will remain unavailable to you.
  • You can use the “Automatic Check” period to choose how frequently should WinFTP Pro checks the automatic application updates.
  • Select the option “Never” if you want to disable the automatic check.
  • Also, you can instruct WinFTP Pro to do the check up on your request/when you want.
  • If you disable the automatic check, WinFTP Pro will stop retrieving the new tips also.
  • The “Display Information” option about the update on startup can be used the control whether WinFTP Pro should display the unseen information of the new version when it starts next time.
  1. Options

  • Use the option “Check for Beta Versions” if you want to make WinFTP Pro report Beta/Unstable releases.
  • The “Auto” option can be used where WinFTP Pro checks for the beta releases. This option will work for you, only if you have used the beta release ever before.
  • This auto-check option is available only in the stable releases.
  • The Beta Releases report always releases a newer Beta.
  1. Connection

  • WinFTP connects with the application’s sites using the HTTP Protocol, for checking the updates.
  • As a default process, WinFTP Pro will automatically try to detect your proxy settings, which you use for the HTTP Protocol.
  • In case the detection is failed, you will be required to check “Proxy Server” and then you need to fill your Proxy, Port number, and Hostname.

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