The Panels/Local Page (Preferences Dialog)

The Panels/Local Page or panels local helps the users to configure the display and behavioral settings/options of the local files panel. The configuration of local files is easy and requires only a few steps, which you will find under the Preferences dialog.

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  1. Local Panel

  • When you have checked the option “Delete files to recycle bin,” the removed local files will be moved to the recycle bin of Windows.
  • This will include, deleting the files at the time of synchronization (not in the console mode, under the GUI only).
  • The files are removed immediately if you have not checked the option, and it will also not move to the recycle bin.
  • If the option “Do not change state when switching sessions checkbox” is checked, the local will not be changed in the local panel, when the sessions are switched.
  • In addition, it suppresses the effects of remembering the panel state when you are switching the sessions for the local panel.
  • You should check the option “Use system file context menu” If you want to make the system files context menu as Primary menu for the local files.
  • If you leave it unchecked, the specific context menu of WinFTP Pro (With the commands like- Upload) will be the primary menu.
  • Also, you can use the System menu command in WinFTP Pro-Specific context menu if you want to show the system file context menu.

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