About The Transfer Options Dialog

About The Transfer Options Dialog

While using the UI Copy, you can see the “Transfer Option Dialog” before the transfer (download or upload) starts. All the options can be set while or before you start the transfer. Below are the very first steps, which you use as default options.

  • The users can suppress the transfer options dialog.
  • The transfer options dialog is a bit different when it comes to uploading and downloading.

Here are the further options under the Transfer Options Dialog:

  1. Target Directory
  2. Transfer Settings
  3. Transfer on Background
  4. Saving Transfer Options
  5. Suppressing the Dialog
  6. Generating Transfer Code
  1. Target Directory
  • While you are setting the dimension, you can directly use this box at the top of the dialog.
  • For the drag and drop download, this box remains hidden and is available as the temporary folder.
  • The WinFTP Pro software cannot control the transfer of the targets in the hidden mode.
  • You can see the destination directory as “By Default Directory” or “Current Working” directory (Mainly available as local for all the downloads and remote for all the uploads).
  • If you want to leave the “Operation Mask,” you should still add the “trailing slash” / (for uploading) alternatively the “Back Slash” \ (for downloading).
  • You can also drop out the operation mask option by using the Mask *.*
  1. Transfer Settings
  • This box shows you the current transfer settings.
  • If you want to change these settings, you can use the “Transfer Settings” button to display the dialog of transfer settings. As an alternative, you can click on the transfer settings box it will do the same.
  • Next, you must click on the “Drop Down” icon, to see the menu along with the list of presets, which are configured.
  • The “Command Configure” can open the dialog of Preferences under the transfer page.
  1. Transfer on Background
  • The transfer on background option can be used to give instructions to the WinFTP Pro software.
  • The users can set the default values for further options under preferences.
  • While downloading the files using the option “Drag and Drop” you cannot use the Background transfers option in any other temporary folder in download mode.
  1. Saving Transfer Options

Do the followings in the menu invoked from the button of Transfer settings:

  • “Set as Default” command can set the current/existing transfer settings as a default.
  • “Save as Preset” command can save the current/existing transfer settings as a preset.
  1. Suppressing the Dialog
  • For suppressing the dialog, you must check the “Do not show this dialog box again.”
  • If you have started the transfer using Drag and Drop option, the dialog can be suppressed automatically just after you use it the first time, until you uncheck or keeping this in use the ‘Do not show this dialog box again.’
  • You can also set it back by reverting the command and preferences at any time.
  1. Generating Transfer Code
  • In this last option, you can use this Transfer Settings > Generate Code command if you are generating the code for an automatic transfer.
  • The “Generate Transfer Code” window will be open along with the generated code.

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