About Dialog

WinFTP Pro is a graphical open source SFTP and FTP client for Windows that also supports the old FTP protocol. It offers a protected data and files transfer between different computers and enables the use of protected “tunnels.”

It can also rename files & folders, create new folders, change file & folder properties, and create symbolic links and shortcuts.

After you download and install WinFTP Pro software, you can start with the followings-

In this section, you will find the software version, copyrights, comments forum, license, and agreement, developer’s information, etc.

  1. Login Dialog using the About command
  2. Click on about under Help Menu

Now you can move ahead and configure the session by following these steps-

It will show you many options like New Site, Sites Sessions Management, Advanced Functions, and Tools Menu.

Advanced Functions

Tools Menu

Program interface

Why you should use WinFTP Pro:

  1. It works on a secure SSH protocol.
  2. Each file type can be assigned its own editor, for example for PHP – PHP Expert Editor, for CSS – TopStyle, for Javascript – WritePad, or assign one of your favorite editors to all kinds of file extensions.
  3. Now you don’t need to edit the scripts on the localhost first, and then upload them to the hosting and see if everything is ok, the program will do all this for you.