Integration is itself is a guide for the users, how they can work or integrate the software with their Windows-based system. The Integration Page or Preferences Dialog on the Preferences dialog will allow you to configure or set how the software WinFTP Pro can be integrated with the updated version of Windows.

Note: In the Microsoft Store installation, you will not find the options on this page.

On the applications subpage, you will find the options, how you can configure the integration along with the other available applications.


Have a look at the below documentation of Preferences Dialog page sections:

  1. Windows Shell
  2. Further Reading
  3. Windows Shell

Register: This option Registers the WinFTP Pro software to handle the protocol URL addresses.

Note: You are advised to use “Add WinFTP Pro” to the path of search if you want to add the WinFTP Pro installation directory to the system search path.

Additional Points:

  1. The installer registers WinFTP Pro already, so the manual registration will be required for portable use only.
  2. Alternatively, it is possible when the registration was overridden by any other application (It is possible on Windows XP only).
  3. This command is only available on Windows Vista and the newer version only.
  4. You should also note that on Windows XP, it does not restore the previous registration.

Further Reading

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