Screen Recorder Studio – Tutorial

This tutorial convers the following topics: Auto-configuration wizard, Set up audio devices, Add sources for video capture, Test recordings and streaming

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Start with a New Project

If you are a first-time user, we recommend you run the Auto-configuration Wizard to get a jump start of the software:

The wizard then runs a set of tests to discover the best settings for your PC. The test results will be displayed for your confirmation. Click Apply Settings to accept or Back to re-configure.

Set up Audio Devices

Screen Recorder Studio is preconfigured to capture desktop audio from your default system audio output device. You can verify this by playing a sound track (e.g. YouTube) and look at the volume meters in the Audio Mixer window to see if it is active.
If the volume meter isn’t moving, then a wrong device might being recorded instead. Then check your audio settings:

Test your desktop audio capture again to ensure it is set up correctly.

Add Sources for Video Capture

By default, Screen Recorder Studio doesn’t capture any video. To add a video source for recording:

You should see the live playback of the newly-added video source being displayed in the preview window. If not, ensure that the preview option for the video source is set to Show instead of Hide .

Test Recordings and Streaming

When you have configured the application for capturing all input & output sources,  double check that all the settings are how you want them:

Instead jumping in to your first stream or recording, run a test for a few minutes to make sure that there are no issues:

To find your recordings: click File | Show Recordings

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