We have seen so many editing tutorials of video and audio editing using NeoFilm. Now, in this guide, we will be learning about how you can add supplementary audio to the existing video. Here we are going to use the “found” audio, like stretching out the audio that you assume can be paired with the on-screen actions. In addition, that must look genuine to all part of the video.

Adding background music into a video using NeoFilm

When you look back to the beginning, you will have both the video and the music playing. Because the video has its own audio track, and the audio is on a separate track from the video. Therefore, you have two audio sources and one video source playing. Also, if you find this audio down here doesn’t have the effects you have applied to it if you click on filters.

In this genre of video, if you want to add the background music, it would be quite challenging. At any point in the video, adding the background music may distract the original vocal narration or any other audio if it already has. In addition, for such videos, it is quite tough as the viewers sometimes can take a closer look at your video, so keep this thing in mind while adding the background music to your video. Also, you should make sure that the video track has sufficient space and featured where the background audio suites completely.

The nature videos are good where you can add the background music, where no human voice is involved. The audio will not be distracted, and you can also mute the natural recorded sound anytime it is mixed nicely.

For an instant example, w can take one nature-video. Here is how you can do the rest of the editing:

Note: You can apply the half normal speed if your video is looking good in the slow-motion. Also, It is a more balanced duration wise among all the other video clips.